Book Chapters

I have co-authored a number book chapters on various topics including strategic management, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, competing online, and others. Here are those book chapters.

Fisher, G. & Kotha, S. Entrepreneurial identity and Resource Acquisition: The role of venture identification. Published in Christina E. Shalley et al., The Oxford Handbook of Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Chapter 28, Oxford University Press, pp. 489-504, 2015.

Basu, S., Wadhwa, A., & Kotha, S. Corporate Venture Capital: Important Themes and Future Directions. The Handbook of Corporate Entrepreneurship. Forthcoming.

Wadhwa, A., Corey, P. & Kotha, S. Creating Exploratory Innovations by Learning from Entrepreneurial Ventures. D.B. Audretsch et al. (eds.). New Frontiers in Entrepreneurship: Recognizing, Seizing, and Executing, Opportunities, Chapter 8, pp. 147- 173, 2010.

Kotha, S. & Basu, S. Amazon and eBay: Online retailers as market makers. Published in Gary G. Hamilton et al., How global retailers are reshaping the global economy, Chapter 5, Oxford University Press, pp. 155-177, 2011.

Desa, G. & Kotha, S. Technology Social Venture and Innovation: process at Benetech. Published in Francesco Perrini (Ed.) The New Social Entrepreneurship, Edward Elgar Publishing, pp 237-259,  2006.

Desa, G. & Kotha, S. Ownership Mission And Environment: An Exploratory Analysis Into The Evolution of A Technology Social Venture. Published in Mair, J. et al. (Eds.) Social Entrepreneurship, Palgrave MacMillian, pp 155-179, 2006.

Rindova, V., Wiltbank, R., & Kotha, S. Competitive Actions and Wealth Creation by Internet Ventures. Published in J. Butler (ed.), E-commerce and Entrepreneurship, Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing, pp. 105-126, 2001.

Sarasvathy, S. and Kotha, S., Managing Knightian Uncertainty in the New Economy: The RealNetworks Case. Published in J. Butler (ed.), E-commerce and Entrepreneurship, Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing, 2001, pp. 31-62.

Kotha, S., Caeldries, F. & Schendel, D. Strategic and Environmental Correlates of Performance: Evidence from the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers. Published in H. Thomas & D. O’Neal (eds.)  Strategic Discovery: Competing in New Arenas. John Wiley & Sons, 1997.

Kotha, S., Nair, A. & Vadlamani, B.  S.  Generic Strategy Research: Applications of LISREL and Smallest Space Analysis.  Published in M. Ghertman, J. Obadia, and J. Arregle (eds.) Statistical Models for Strategic Management, Kluwer, pp.29-54,1997.

Bird, A. & Kotha, S. U.S. and Japanese Perceptions of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: Revitalizing the Convergence/Divergence Debate. Advances in International Relations and International Business, 6, pp. 73-102, JAI Press: Greenwich, CT. 1994.

Kotha, S. Manufacturing Strategy Research Approaches: Implications for Global Manufacturing.  Published in Berg, D.& Wallace, W. (eds.) Global Manufacturing: Technological Economical Opportunities and Research Issues. Advances in Applied Business Strategy, pp. 243-273, JAI Press: Greenwich, CT. 1993.

Orne, D., Kotha, S., Erickson, R.  Planning for Managers in the Middle.  Published in Tool and Manufacturing Engineers Handbook, 5, pp. 1-21, 1988.

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