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An era ends for Starbucks and Howard Schultz,
Seattle Times, March 18, 2017
Howard Schultz, as visible a symbol of the coffee giant as the green-and-white mermaid, is stepping away from the CEO post after shaping Starbucks into a global consumer giant. He’ll still play a part in the company’s future — but for how long?

Once the queen of the skies, the 747 will soon be…
Los Angeles Times, March 12, 2017
But unless Boeing is able to secure additional orders beyond that of UPS, the plane could be out of production…

Trump impact:How will Amazon Fare? 
Seattle Times, November 9, 2016, updated January 18, 2017
Jeff Bezos built an empire that prospers, in part, because of globalization and the free trade that President-elect Donald Trump has railed against. Trump also once said Amazon had a “huge anti-trust problem.”

Trump impact: New regime spells uncertainty on airplane deals, trade, tech workers
Seattle Times, November 10, 2016
Donald Trump’s surprise victory leaves companies across the economic spectrum, from Amazon and Boeing to Microsoft and Starbucks, assessing what to expect from four years under the unorthodox businessman and his unpredictable policy pronouncements.

Amazon, Microsoft invest billions as computing shifts to cloud
Seattle Times, April 27, 2016.
As cloud computing proliferates, its leading providers — Amazon and Microsoft among them — have unleashed a torrent of capital spending to build the infrastructure that handles the technology. That, in turn, has significant economic effects globally and locally.

Amazon’s digital empire spreads offline
The Sacramento Bee, September 12, 2012 built its business for the digital age, but it’s crossing over to the bricks-and-mortar world.

As tax-free sales go, Amazon looks to speed, convenience
The Seattle Times, September 1, 2012
“We have a lot of opportunity to improve that over time. … come overnight,” said Suresh Kotha, a business professor at the University of Washington. … The service, being tested in London, New York, Seattle, Silicon Valley and …

Amazon takes on California over sales tax
The Sacramento Bee, July 17, 2011
The tax war between California and has been brewing for 16 years, since the day the retailer with the sly-grin logo opened for business.

From warehouse to powerhouse
Financial Times, July 8, 2012
…tread a fine line. “How do you create a healthy ecosystem in which you are not the only guy making money?” says Suresh Kotha, a professor at the University of Washington in Seattle. “At some point people will switch if you become too powerful and… By Barney Jopson

Use bailout money for new ventures, not old ones  
The Seattle Times, December 1, 2008
…this country so well. We are looking to Alan Mulally to show that the Big Three can do what Boeing has done. Richard Nolan and Suresh Kotha are professors in the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business…

Same-sex marriage could boost wedding business a bit   
The Seattle Times, February 3, 2012
…opportunity is very high,” says Suresh Kotha, who teaches management at University…different model from the U.S.,” says Kotha. It’s essentially a web portal connecting…tentacles are all over the Indian economy,” Kotha says. “From the operational perspective…

Amazon pays off its historic debt early  
The Seattle Times, October 31, 2008
…We don’t have so much debt on our balance sheet, so we can get through this recession without a problem,’ ” said Suresh Kotha, a University of Washington business professor who has studied Amazon. Amazon’s profit and sales gains have exceeded…

Dial-up customers in no hurry to join high-speed world
Yakima Herald-Republic, July 14, 2008
When Lisa Todnem shops for a new pair of Steve Madden shoes, don’t expect to reach her via telephone. …Her phone line will be busy.

Eins nach dem Anderen
Brand eins, June 2008
Quoted in an story on by a German Magazine.

Gates Plans Gradual Exit from Microsoft
National Public Radio, June 16, 2006: Morning Edition
…a lot of emotion today, but I also feel a lot of confidence that this company is capable of making a smooth transition without missing a single beat. KAUFMAN: But Suresh Kotha, who…

CEO pick is Boeing’s latest tribute to GE
Seattle Times, July 01, 2005: Nation & World
Boeing director James McNerney Jr. as its new chief executive. Before joining 3M, McNerney spent 18 years at GE, where he held numerous posts including head of GE Aircraft Engines…

Entrepreneurs with passion could hold secret to investing success
Seattle Times, April 19, 2004: Business & Technology
Innovation is a lonely business,” said Enrique Godreau, managing director of Voyager Capital, who remembers the days before each. “You have a group of people representing an idea that…

Tech’s tumble could turn to rebuilding
Seattle Times, October 20, 2003: Business & Technology
Captaris learned one thing in tough times, it was to fall out of love with its wares. The Bellevue company had spent years pushing a product that combined e-mail, voice mail and faxes…

Inside the Boardroom: Chips off the big block 
Seattle Times, October 06, 2003: Business & Technology
Jim Herd receives requests to find directors and managers with specialized experience, whether it be financial management or operations. Often, those requests call for someone with a…

For many entrepreneurs, success takes a leap of faith 
Seattle Times, August 24, 2003: Business & Technology
Elisabeth Knottingham: ‘Patience and perseverance. Some things take three times longer than even what you think is reasonable…

National Public Radio, May 31, 2002: Morning Edition
…there, and it’s quite the opposite. KAUFMAN: But Suresh Kotha, who teaches corporate strategy at the University of Washington Business School, cautions that massive expansion overseas,…

Survivors: Big shifts in strategies keep tech firms afloat
Seattle Times, March 04, 2002: Business & Technology
John McAdam wasn’t hired as a turnaround CEO, but two weeks into his job at F5 Networks, it seemed to be his chief role. In January 2001, the Irish-born businessman inherited a company…

The 2002 buzz: Where do we go from here?
Seattle Times, January 21, 2002: Business & Technology
From the boardroom of Ramp Technology Group in downtown Bellevue, you can see remnants of the dot-com implosion. Empty office space. Still cranes. Gaping holes where buildings failed…

DOT-Com Founders Are Stepping Aside – Internet Priorities Shift
Seattle Times, October 31, 1999: Business
Then he began to shop for his replacement. Drayton had run operations with several hundred employees before, but not the kind of company that he intended to become. In…

Amazon Success
National Public Radio, October 8, 1999: Morning Edition
…KOTHA (UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON): When you really go back and look at the history of Amazon, Jeff Bezos really was not a big expert on books. What he saw was the Internet. KAUFMAN:…

UW Faculty Hit The Road – Bus Tour Around State Offers Professors Fresh Insight About Their Students And State As Well As Opportunities To Collaborate On Research Ideas 
Seattle Times, June 19, 1998: Local News
This was, after all, an epiphany for her. “Now I know exactly where I need to focus my energy: educating kids about how to write their (university) admissions essay,” said the assistant…

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