These are a few videos clips that I show my students when we discuss some of the most interesting and innovative companies in the World. These are publicly available videos on Youtube.

Apple Inc. – Transformation and New Product Introductions
Tranformation of Apple – the second coming of Steve Jobs.

Here Mr. Steve Jobs is preaching to the Apple faithful about what needs to be done to save the company he founded. This is one of the best videos on how a company’s CEO needs to transform in order to then transform the company he or she is leading. Once he acknowledges some misconceptions about the industry and the competitive rivalry with Microsoft, he is then able to put Apple a course that will for forever change many industries.

Apple’s transformation after the company crawls its way back from near bankruptcy.

Steve Jobs introduces the iPod: Youtube video clip. This clip illustrates how Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, makes the case for his new product relative to other MP3 players in the market place. This clip is a great learning tool for MBA students (and others) who are trying to differentiate their new product from those that are already in the marketplace.

Microsoft designs iPod package (Innovation)Youtube video clip.  This is a very entertaining video clip–a spoof really!–on how marketing is done in one of the World’s most admired software companies, Microsoft. This video clip was supposedly done by Microsoft employees themselves to show their top management how absurd things have gotten at this large company.

Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone (2007): Youtube video clip. This video clip is about 50 minutes long and I like the first five minutes. This product introduction alone will change the trajectory of the mobile phone industry and how they are they marketed and sold around the World.

Steve Ballmer reacts to the iPhone (2007): Youtube video clip  Mr. Ballmer talks about this company’s competitive positioning vis-a-vis Apple’s.

Steve Ballmer reflects on Microsoft’s inability to counter the iPhone: Youtube video clip. This is a very interesting clip to show how a company’s “identity” and “DNA” (early imprinting) limits their ability to innovate when it is sorely needed.

Bill Gates introduces various tablet PCs at a convention: Youtube video clip. The quality of the video clip is poor, but notice what Mr. Gates focuses on when introducing the Tablet PC how their focus on Windows XP is influencing Microsoft’s trajectory with regard to this emerging product category. Remember Tablet PC is a new category that is still to emerge and go main stream.

Steve Jobs introduces the iPad: Youtube video clip. Notice the difference, relative to Mr. Gates’ attempt to create a new category, about how Steve Jobs makes the case for a new category — in this case the iPad. Here you see a genius at work who draws the outlines of a new product category and explains why we need to embrace his new product.

Boeing 787 – Series innovations and other Boeing Innovations

Boeing 787 Game-changing innovation – Boeing website video

Boeing 787-9 Evolution – Boeing website video

Designing Airplane Interiors: More Space in the sky – Boeing website video

Key to smart everything – Boeing website video


Telsa – Car Manufacturing Innovations

A peek into Tesla’s robotic car factory – Part 1 (Wired Magazine, 2013): Youtube video clip

A peek into Tesla’s robotic car factory – Part 2 (Wired Magazine, 2013): Youtube video clip

Elon Musk Introduces Tesla Model S P85: Youtube video clip

Tesla Model S P85 – First Test Drive: Youtube video clip

Customers reacting to Tesla’s insane mode: Youtube video clip


Harley-Davidson – Introducing some new products and commercials

A more detailed discussion on Urban Street bikes:


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